OSD Refresher EC120/H120

$ 48.00

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Duration Initial / Recurrent

1 hour

Validity Period

1 year

Course Format

Web Based Training | WBT

Topics Covered Expand
  • Landing Gear
  • Electrical System
  • Flight Instruments
  • Cockpit, Cabin and Cargo Compartment
  • Emergency Equipment
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The holder of a pilot licence shall not act in any capacity, unless she or he has a valid and appropriate type rating on the Airbus Helicopter EC120/H120 except a pilot receiving flight instructions or undergoing a skill test.

The course will, by means of integrated ground training, give the candidate sufficient theoretical knowledge to operate safely under normal, abnormal and emergency situations considering the EC120/H120 its special characteristics like hydraulic failures, twist grip and autorotation procedures with low RPM recovery.