CAT POL H 305 / 420 – Initial

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Duration Initial / Recurrent

1 hours

Validity Period

1 years

Course Format

Web Based Training | WBT

Topics Covered Expand
  • Terrain and minimum safe altitudes
  • Seasonal meteorological conditions
  • Meteorological, communication and air traffic facilities, services and procedures
  • Search and rescue procedures where available
  • Navigational facilities associated with the area or route along which the flight is to take place
  • Aerodrome training include knowledge of:
    • obstructions
    • physical layout
    • lighting
    • approach aids and arrival, departure, holding and instrument approach procedures
    • applicable operating minima
    • ground movement considerations
  • Method of categorisation of aerodromes/heliports and operating sites, list of those aerodrome categorised as B or C.
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Every pilot should be aware of CAT.POL.H.305. It is a EASA regulation that covers the requirements for an approval that is needed for operations without an assured safe forced landing capability during the take-off and landing phases. If the approval is missing operations of this type shall not be conducted.

Basically, CAT.POL.H.305 covers most take-off and landings performed in alpine regions (e.g. Switzerland). Most off-airport landings and take-off performed outside the H-V diagram would not allow a safe-forced landing. Usually a distance of about 250m has to be free of obstacles in order not to require this approval.