Audit Tool

Comply with ISO:19011 and EASA requirements before any official audit

The Audit Tool is targeted for Compliance Monitoring Managers, Auditors and Inspectors and completely covers the requirements of ISO 19011 as well as EASA's requirements in the area of compliance (Management System).

The question database currently contains 1800 questions and is continuously being expanded. The topics are based on EASA regulations and cover:

  • GEN
  • CAT
  • SPA
  • NCO
  • SPO
  • ATO (FCL)
  • CAMO


Add your own questions to make audits even more specific to your needs.

NGFT's Audit Tool is your one-stop solution covering all areas of the CMM's field of responisbilities.

Since the tool is constantly being upgraded and expanded, we are open to feedback and suggestions from your practical experience. New functionalities are therefore rolled out on a regular basis.
This tool is based on a monthly fee depending on the size of your company.

Over 15 European small and medium sized operators are currently using the Audit Tool satisfy all their compliance monitoring requirements.

FRAT Screenshot Safety Tools NGFT

FRAT - Flight Risk Assessment Tool

Quickly perform an evaluation of risks for your planned flight. Suggested measures for reducing these risks (mitigation) will directly be shown to you.

FRAT Screenshot Safety Tools NGFT
FRAT Screenshot Safety Tools NGFT


Access numerous checklists for various operations and procedures for helicopter and airplanes as well as aerial work operations.

FRAT Screenshot Safety Tools NGFT
FRAT Screenshot Safety Tools NGFT

Task Specialist Third Party Briefing TST

Before third party task specialists participate in aerial work operations, they must obtain a briefing. This app facilitates this procedure by offering the possibility to sign the briefing on the device and store it as a document.

FRAT Screenshot Safety Tools NGFT
FRAT Screenshot Safety Tools NGFT

Safety Reporting

Reporting of safety relevant events is a major aspect for safe flight. It is easier and faster with a partially prefilled report form. Safety Managers can then review and analyze reports.

FRAT Screenshot Safety Tools NGFT